The project aims to preserve and restore the small springs, which would serve as important alternative sources of drinking water, and ''kale'' and a certain village ponds, which would contribute to the preservation of ecological balance, biodiversity and providing a favorable status of endangered species and habitat types in the protected areas, with emphasis on the species which are under the directive of priority habitat in protected areas, Natura 2000, and have already been declared in Slovenia, and are in the process of creating in Croatia.
The results of a census carried out will be restored water bodies and their suitable presentation at selected locations in the border area in the Bela Krajina in Slovenia and in the area Žumberačke mountain in Croatia. Restored water bodies will just represent migratorne corridors between Slovenia and Croatia. Qualified and other protected species related to aquatic ecosystems will their find shelter and will be given unlimited transpass between pSCI Veliko Bukovje, pSCI Kočevsko, SPA Kočevsko - Kolpa and Croatian Nature park Žumberak Samobor Mountains, which will contribute to cross-border integration of isolated animal and flora and to prevent further fragmenting of their populations.

Added value of IPA funding
The most important cross-border impact of the project is to preserve the network of ponds as a habitat of endangered fauna and flora and facilitating the migration throughout the project area. Through cooperation between the partners one of the cross-border effects of the project will be prepared a common background and pilot projects for areas in Natura 2000 and their managment. Renewed ponds and conducted thematic way will contribute to the development of tourist services in the entire area, which will lengthen the stay of tourists in this area.

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